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Infinite Possibilities

The Cosmic Calendar

Upon reading this chapter, I was sort of disturbed by the reality of how infinite the universe is and how minuscule we are as humans (in the grand scheme of things). The Cosmic Calendar, a scale of the universe over the course of one year, reveals that humans would have appeared within the last few moments. This calendar indicates our insignificance on a grand scale, but highlights some momentous milestones of the Universe, and to think our existence is considerable among phenomenas like the Big Bang, reaffirms that we could be special.


2 thoughts on “Infinite Possibilities

  1. I pondered this too when I was reading about the universe. I stand firm that we, as a civilization, are indeed special. Like you mentioned, there were infinite possibilities – infinite ways that the universe could have ended up – yet we are here, enjoying life on a beautiful planet. It makes me wonder if there is intelligent design behind the universe.


  2. The reactions to this realization are fascinating for me to observe. Some students seem liberated by this realization and some seem a bit terrified by the awesomeness of it all. Are you glad you know or would you rather be oblivious? I think I am somewhere in the middle, but I am glad to know.


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